Dungeon Crawler

by Legendry

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Talon Sullivan
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Talon Sullivan I love the raw and passionate approach to how this album is presented and it really comes through on the recording. The spirit of the band can be felt strongly on this one. Really enjoyed this one! Favorite track: The Edge of Time.
wycked-wyvern thumbnail
wycked-wyvern Hymns of adventure. The spirit of Manilla Road is alive with these American bards! Favorite track: The Edge of Time.
Mournivalian thumbnail
Mournivalian Perfect album for those long D&D sessions and the solo on "Dungeon Crawler" is absolutely majestic. Favorite track: Dungeon Crawler.
simfers thumbnail
simfers This brings me back to my teenage years playing D&D with my friends until the wee hours of the morning. Those are happy memories, so that's a good thing. Traditional heavy metal with some prog influences (those spacey 70's prog solos, maaaaaan). Favorite track: Dungeon Crawler.
last vinyl before doomsday
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last vinyl before doomsday Dungeons and dragons heavy metal, all dusty and proper, crafted with love and forged in fire.
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Between the veils of existence, A journey through the Mists of Time. Beyond the gateway of reason, The warrior follows the sign. Take up the sword of old. Enter the lair of horror. Destined only to be Naught but a Dungeon Crawler. Lost beyond the dimensional gate Torch lights the way the hour is late Where am I now? Mind racing with fear What dark forces have led me here? I am a curse-born brawler Worship at the Pagan Altar I will never falter I am a Dungeon Crawler A life of violence, what have I become? Free as the wind I live on the run Make my way through darkness below Feared in the towns, the people all know Chorus Deep in the earth, the spells guide the way Become a stranger to the light of day Enter the lair of evil impure Fatigue and fear I must endure Chorus Wizards of darkness and all who oppose Offering of steel: my power grows Plunder and raid, I know my fate You can’t find me, it’s too late Chorus They will never find me, my whereabouts unknown Will I ever be released from these halls of stone? Trapped in this dimension, lost in the wheel of time I shout to the cold void, and wait for a sign And if I had to choose, which life would I keep: The one I left behind, or the nightmare I lead? Even if I could return, my fate: it calls to me Iron sword at my side, horizons I seek
I’m fightin’, I’m flyin’ In the dark below Runes guidin’, Axe grindin’ I’m gonna explode! On a quest for glory, on a quest for gold All the bards will sing my story: Heavy Metal brave and bold On a quest for glory, as the legend foretold I’m full of fire and fury, with Heavy Metal Rock and Roll! Sword sharp, Eyes keen, In the haunted keep Torchlight, Ignite, In the dungeons deep Chorus Warhammer, Street Jammer Never get my fill I’m a Metal Maniac: Total overkill Chorus
Prisoner of the red priest, freedom for a death-pact Murillo of the noble blood, nightfall and the rogues attack Break the chains, into the night, navigate the maze within Retribution: lying wench, turns his sight to priest of sin In the house of arch-fiend mysteries of dark ahead Nabonidus at the knife, Thak, the demon, robed in red Rogues are lost in rat-den, watching from a hidden hall Intruders in the house of red, Petreus hears demon call Beast, of Death Rogues in the House Priest, in Red Rogues in the House Fiend of the pit, Demon unlit, Die! Trapped behind the hardy glass, Lotus dust will spell their doom Holocaust, madness, and death, intruders mangled in the room Rogues will seek their only chance, Conan slays the mighty Thak Priest of Red betray your oath, bodies added to the Stack Chorus
Come priestess of ancient evil Invade archaic tower Salome, the bringer of witchcraft Prophecy will mark the hour Every century, a witch is born Taramis in dungeon lay, and the people mourn Who heeds the beast below, and the coming storm? Every century, a witch is born Hawk of the vicious ruler Betrayer, shameless liar Cimmerian bound in hatred Driven by barbaric fire Chorus Freed from the throes of death Chief of the Zaugir raiders Lead those crestfallen warriors Against the vile traitors
The Conjurer 08:01
Veiled by obscurity Wind howls along the way With his cloak of doom He turns the night to day As the bell tolls, the hour comes at last Beware the conjurer, his dark magic is cast Deep in the haunted wood Beyond a cursed town He makes his magic circle Holds demons there spellbound Chorus In a haze of crimson fire Cosmic keys reveal the past Tempting the chains of reason Witching hour approaching fast Chorus Candles burn with eerie glimmer Potions brew on open flame Can he control this power? Ashes of what remains
The bleak and lonely isle Secrets of a dark past No man ever to defile Guardians are standing fast Oh when the moon does shine Shake the ancient spell Statues there enshrined Keepers of the citadel Arise! Awake! Aware! Shadows in the Moonlight Figures in the hall of stone Eternal, origin unknown, Arise! Shadows in the moonlight Barbaric cast-away Dueling pirate chieftain there In ruins darkness lay in wait Shelter not in temple lair At nightfall hear the screams Raiders are caught unaware Bronzes are not what they seem Horror of the icy stare Arise! Awake! Appear! Shadows in the moonlight Awaken in the nightly hour Keepers of the ancient power, Arise! Shadows in the Moonlight
Lyrics Unknown!
Spell of the night, broken by dawn Look to the time, where evil was born Unending gloom, shadows of fright A new day will bloom, restoring all sight The lives that you lead, the mountains that you climb The sights unseen at the edge of time World on fire, destruction and pain The flames grow higher, but steel will remain The sun will rise, and bring on the day My armor shines, amidst the decay Chorus Morning dew, rest on the earth Glistening and true, the spirit’s rebirth Masters of fate, guardians laugh Locked is the gate: there’s no turning back Chorus


Second full length album featuring a mini-concept wherein a warrior is transported through a dimensional doorway into a world of barbarism and arcane magick.

["T]his album is a true champion of the genre, whether that genre is metal or prog. Raise your shield and wield your sword, you are in for a treat." --Decibel Geek

“Album closer “The Edge of Time” is one of the best metal songs of the year, a melodic power metal ballad for the ages. Dungeon Crawler feels like an arrival for Legendry. Long may they reign.” -- The Best Metal on Bandcamp: November 2017

“[W]here this LP excels is in the epic, foggy atmosphere it conjures which owes a lot on the stories of Robert E. Howard.”-- Sputnik Music

“Rogues In The House, A Witch Is Born and Shadows In The Moonlight are absolute showpieces of epic Heavy Metal.” -- Metal Underground

“[T]heir dedication to crafting excellent songs to an old school style will definitely endear them to fans of the old guard.”-- Indy Metal Vault

“With its splendid mixture of epic metal, American power metal, classic metal, and seventies-infused prog(!), ‘Dungeon Crawler’ is a smashing success and one album that I am glad to have stumbled upon. With bands like Legendry alive and well the true heavy metal scene is in good hands!”-- Heavy Metal Time Machine

“Legendry conjure magickal Manilla Road-worshipping epic metal with one foot planted on a stage monitor in the early '80s NWOBHM era, the other tapping its toes in the mystical, proggy '70s.”-- Why? Do You Like It

With imagery that would make all RPG fanatics proud, Pittsburgh’s Legendry immediately draws comparisons to similarly fantastical USPM power metal groups. While “Dungeon Crawler” unquestionably displays a band influenced by these giants, Legendry has their own unique spin on the style that hearkens back to 1970s hard rock.”-- Skull Fracturing Metal


released November 24, 2017


Vidarr - Guitar and Vocals
Kicker - Drums
Evil St. Clair - Bass

Additional credits:

Drea - Keyboards (Tracks 1, 5, 8)

Recorded at Landvidi Studio 2016-2017

Produced by Legendry
Mixed by Vidarr
Mastered by Arthur Rizk


all rights reserved



Legendry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Through mists of time, and beyond the dungeons deep, Legendry has sought the secrets of steel. With swords raised, honoring such heroes as Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, and Warlord, and delving into the progressive wizardry of King Crimson, Uriah Heep, and Jethro Tull, Legendry doth heed the call to heavy metal adventure. ... more

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