The Wizard and the Tower Keep

by Legendry

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wycked-wyvern Hymns of adventure, told hazily. Favorite track: The Lost Road.
Talon Sullivan
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Talon Sullivan This album is quite special! It's super epic and there's a certain nostalgic warmth to it that keeps me coming back for more! Absolutely great!
Favorite track: Sorcery's Bane.
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barleybase From the moment I set out on The Wizard and the Tower Keep, I knew it would be no ordinary quest. Mountains of epic riffs are followed by valleys of melodies, with thunderous drums and pacing that keeps you moving onward through insurmountable odds. Each leg of the journey is different and memorable in and of itself, and they come together as a whole to form something magical. My only regret is that I didn't discover this album sooner. Favorite track: The Wizard and the Tower Keep.
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Dreams of fate are calling me back I hear the howling of the wind Shelter now, and weather the storm A tale of legend shall begin Of demons, wizards, and once mighty kings Swords of steel drawn in the night This tale beyond the shackles of time Of those who would stand up and fight Chorus Sit now by the fire And quaff your mug of ale Gather ‘round and listen To an old bard’s tale In the song of swords was forged his path In the strangeness of magick he did arrive Tried in battle, and crossed by time A warrior left mystified Chorus So now, while the fire grows dim The poet, he lifts the veil Rest a while, my friends, and listen To an old bard’s tale
From the highest mountain To the torch lit glow of the dungeon lair Journeyed through the wastelands Heavy metal madness found me there Bridge Sword in hand, my vengeance spread across this evil land Chorus War Maker Spell Breaker Vindicator Live to fight and plunder I seen sights beyond compare In the misty forests I fought the beasts of legend there Bridge Chorus Running in the wild My enemies will know my wrath With heavy metal power Oh blood and iron be my path Bridge Chorus I have traveled beyond the veil Laid waste to reason in my wake I greet my doom with a mighty hail From triumph or defeat there is no escape
Oh maiden, from beyond the sea Tell me your dreams of darkness I am the one you seek To lift the veil of blindness The eye of the kings A glow to set the way alight Oh maiden can’t you see? The wizard he brings the night Chorus The wizard and the tower keep A scourge upon this land I’ve wandered through the darkness deep I hold the key in my hand I am the chosen one A warrior, a child in time My destiny before me What horrors await to find Chorus I’ll never turn away From the evil in my path I have to journey onward To the tower vast
The land falls silent, firelight fades and dark riders appear With fury, they ride, carrying tidings of fear Defender of light, raise up your sword, now your battle begins Usurper of kings, keeper of doom waits within Chorus To stride upon the lost road Beyond the veil of time and space To stride upon the lost road I have arrived from a far off place Into the cold earth, vaulted pass mirrors the streets overhead And deeper beyond, into the halls of the dead Forgotten by time, warrior tombs of a thousand years Green sigil ahead, in spectral light old king appears Chorus Ascending above, bound iron door opens to your fate What horrors beyond? Demons and wizards await Eye of the kings, secrets are lost for a thousand years The torchlight grows dim, enter the tower of fear Chorus
From the roots of the keep ascend Beyond the binding sigil aglow Treacherous deeds of the past The council of light once overthrown Defile the tower of time Coiling up into uncertain skies Demonic servants of doom Can still hear the wizards’ tortured cries Torches burn red, an altar of stone Enter the chamber, a shrine of the wise Ghastly voice sighs in a language unknown Tomes of dark knowledge hold man’s demise Chorus Spiraling into the sky Chambers of magick enshrined Ascending the tower arcane My sword is sorcery’s bane Alighted in gold, a sanctum of oak Songs from the wood all bound, intoned Beasts of the wild, their howling invoke Cult sacrifice, no longer they roam Chorus Bathed in blue, sword axe and chain Fury and hatred, the woes of mankind An altar of steel for the warriors slain Conquest and warfare, their fates entwined Chorus Enter the lair, demonic red eyes Shrine of the black one, the beast peering low A gate to the stars, behind the sky Eye of the kings begins to glow
Awaken protector, holding steadfast Eye of kings glows in a blinding flash Alien realm beyond the keep Ruinous land where the old gods sleep Three curving horns, eight eyes of doom Giant of metal in sulfurous gloom Torment and pain, innocence wept For eons it dreams, in eternity slept Chorus Where crystal shadows lay And steel meets steel All logic is stripped away Behind the summoner’s seal The thief doth awaken the metallic fiend Powers behold, the wizard’s dream Weapons of steel harm not its scale Outlasting time, magick prevails Placed on the altar, tremble and quake Chasm engulfs this terror awake Screaming in fire, thunderous crack Vortex of time spiraling back Chorus
Earthwarrior 10:57
1. The confrontation I am the wizard of a thousand years No wraith, no warlord shall break my spell Behold the tower of boundless fear From glory here all conquerors fell Chorus Earthwarrior The Tower shall fall Earthwarrior Hear fate’s beckoning call I am the warrior of all space and time Demonic guardians lay slain at my feet I hold the talisman, the planets align Your treachery will rot in pale defeat Chorus As the vortex will swallow the making And your flesh becomes as dust of the tomb I take my leave now and release the once-king Standing in victory to bear not but doom Chorus 2. The Realization I have traveled lost way, into the shrouded mists of lore By the cold, cruel light of day, hath my fate locked the door? Forever is sealed my fate, the tower falls up to the sky Forgotten demons of hate, the heaving earth shall sigh 3. The Bard’s Tale (reprise) Into the past, beyond the gate What was found, now is lost Secrets that only time can create Gather ‘round and weigh the cost Chorus So now as the embers glow A Final verse in wind and hail Legends told in voices low In this old bard’s, this old bard’s tale


Third full length concept album telling the tale of the Warrior with No Name as he battles the evil wizard, Vael, atop the Tower Keep in a dimension of arcane magick and great savagery.

"...The Wizard and the Tower Keep is easily one of the best heavy metal albums of this decade." - Heavy Blog is Heavy

"...Legendry has really come into their own with The Wizard and the Tower Keep. The band’s traditional metal and classic prog influences remain at the forefront, but the more dynamic songwriting expresses these elements in an otherworldly fashion that is enhanced by the conceptual theming." - Indy Metal Vault

"The organ keyboard underpinning against some killer wah-wah guitar action for the almost eleven-minute closer “Earthwarrior” reflects the incredible instinctual interplay Legendry possess, a strength that along with the folk-like start for “The Bard’s Tale” proves their dynamic abilities on record. The Wizard and the Tower Keep in the end is ideal for those who clamor for epic metal from newer artists." - Dead Rhetoric

"The Wizard And The Tower Keep is a great album to get lost in. Vidarr (vocals, guitar, mandolin, mellotron), Evil St Clair (bass, backing vocals) and Kicker (drums) have done a really good job producing an album worthy of following up the magnificent Dungeon Crawler." - CGCM Podcast

"LEGENDRY have created a magical moment of epic metal that eclipses everything like a star in the sky." - My Revelations

"‘The Wizard And The Tower Keep’ is LEGENDRY’s third full album or better put it is their third strike of trueness incarnate..." - Reflections of Darkness

"From this year’s most beautiful releases." - Metal Invader

"[The song] 'The Wizard and the Tower Keep,' is epic simply put. It delivers into worlds unknown, slowly building to a crescendo that allows for navigation through the wind." - The Median Man

"'The Wizard and the Tower Keep' is a fantastic album, well done and well executed, that develops with consistency although with subtle changes and turns that make listening interesting, while still being a work of authentic classic Epic Metal and very raw, wrapped in the mystique of the genre." - Queens of Steel

"[I]f you're a fan of both traditional and epic heavy metal, you'll find Legendry's The Wizard And The Tower Keep a fine modern interpretation of this classic and lasting genre. Recommended." - Danger Dog

"With "The Wizard And The Tower Keep" LEGENDRY join the long line of US gems in the classic sector. On their third album they bring captivating epics, which are characterized by freshness and at the same time traditional consciousness." -

"Ultimately there’s no escaping just how ripped from the past this album feels and the rocking and rolling finale of Earthwarrior just confirms that." - Games Brrraaains & a Headbanging Life

"They are not get carried away...and get out of the typical structure of a heavy theme....[T]hey always take you out of the comfort zone, they offer you something else that comes out of what you expect...." - Metal Brothers


released November 1, 2019

Vidarr - Guitars (electric, 6 and 12 string acoustic), Vocals, Mandolin, Mellotron, Swords
Evil St. Clair - Bass, Backing Vocals, Battle Axes
Kicker - Drums, Percussion, Necromancy

Additional Accompaniment:
Drea - Hammond Organ
Dee C. - Violin

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Arthur Rizk

Based on the novellete, The Wizard and the Tower Keep, by D. R. Lackner

Cover Painting by Vidarr
Cover Photography by Tish


all rights reserved



Legendry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Through mists of time, and beyond the dungeons deep, Legendry has sought the secrets of steel. With swords raised, honoring such heroes as Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, and Warlord, and delving into the progressive wizardry of King Crimson, Uriah Heep, and Jethro Tull, Legendry doth heed the call to heavy metal adventure. ... more

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